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Have you ever wanted to go to an event that caters to your obsession? Camp is an event series that masters in exploring your hobbies at a higher level. Whether that is beer-making, guitar lessons, astrophotography, or yoga, it allows the visitor to expand their knowledge and grow in friendships with like-minded people.

The main objective of this brand was to make sure it was versatile. The logo can be used for a variety of different events, which will always need updated merchandise, signage, and name tags. It's simple to attach the title for the event to the logo and change up the colours to make every conference unique.
The logo resembles strength and a sense of welcoming. It encompasses a ticket stub and an action of turning over a new leaf to discover and enhance your skill further. The main brand's colour resembles an electric atmosphere, and it welcomes all ages and still feels professional.

21-01-30 Camp Branding_Conept icons-09.p
21-01-30 Camp Branding_Conept icons-10.p
21-01-30 Camp Branding_Conept icons-11.p
21-01-30 Camp_Font-12.png
21-01-30 Camp_Font-13.png
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